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In the world of fickle podcast equipment and recording there is one absolute certainty.

At some point you will record a podcast episode and the quality will be so bad it’s unusable, or it will not record at all.


Now I’m not saying that you should not do everything you can to avoid this from happening, you absolutely should!

Have a recording checklist, triple check everything, make sure you record in a secure and calm environment so you don’t get distracted and forget something etc.

But despite all this preparation there will still be an episode lost and this article is simply to tell you that is ok, it happens to everyone.


You might be thinking, but if it happens to everyone, why haven’t I heard about it?

Well, some people will line up the guest and re-record, but the exact words and energy will be lost and they are rarely going to admit it’s a re-record.

Others will give up altogether and just move on to the next podcast episode and they are even less inclined to admit to a stuffed up episode.

Honestly I think it is refreshing when podcasters do admit to a recording error and yes some do actually do this.

They tend to be of the ‘comedy’ or casual chat genres because admitting to stuff ups and ‘mystery episodes no one will ever hear’ fits their vibe.


But it’s pretty much guaranteed that even some of your favourite, most professional podcasts have had a recording go wrong, and some of them have teams of people behind them.

So if you do stuff up even though you have spent a huge amount of effort trying to prevent it: take a breath, acknowledge it and just know that if anything, this makes you even more of a podcaster, not less of one.

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