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While you might have a podcast idea, and might even have some recorded episodes, it is essential that you also have a podcast statement.

So what the hell is that?

Well a podcast statement is a short sentence, with some key words that explains exactly what your podcast is.

This statement can then be used on your website, in your podcast intro, or be verbally said by yourself as you start your podcast.


Well you want to be able to condense exactly what your podcast is into your audiences minds so that they can then easily explain it to their friends. The more exact and precise you make that statement, the easier it will be for them to repeat it to friends and family.

The harder it is, the less likely they will convince their friends to listen to you.

We’ve all been there right? You love a tv show, you mention it and you friend goes:

“Oh ok, what’s it about?”

You start explaining, but soon you start to struggle with the plot, maybe trying to avoid spoilers, but also still trying to give a hook that interests your friend.

The longer you take to explain it, the more you see their eyes glaze over and the you know they are less likely to ever go watch it.

You don’t want your listeners to have that problem when explaining your podcast, so that’s where your ‘statement’ comes in, and these are some tips to consider when making it:

1. Two to three keywords

Even if your listener can’t remember the exact sentence, you want them to remember some keywords to repeat to their friends.

Listen to the podcast She’s On The Money. Every episode the hosts start out of the intro by saying.

“Hello and welcome to she’s on the money, the podcast for millennials who want financial freedom”.

Note the key words there. ‘Millenials’ and ‘financial freedom’. Even if your listeners forget the full statement, they will probably remember those words and telling your friends about a podcast for millennials that helps with finance is going to do the job as well.

2. It must explain things.

It has to actually say what the podcast is in some way. The Dollop does an amazing job of just laying it out:

“You’re listening to the dollop this is a biweekly American history podcast where each week I, Dave Anthony read a story from American history to my friend Gareth Reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about.”

They do this so well, to the point where their intro statement is so well known that the two comedians riff on it and change words and terms all the time.

3. It needs to be relatively short.

You want your listeners to remember as much as possible so keep it as short as you can!

For instance, in Naomi Simson’s ‘Handpicked she starts her intro by saying something along the lines of:

“Hi I’m Naomi Simson, welcome to handpicked, the podcast where business owners ask me the questions”.

It’s short and still explains exactly what the podcast is.

With these simple tips you can create a powerful podcast statement that will help your listeners explain what your show is and easily promote your podcast via word of mouth.

If you want more advice on how to put a statement together, feel free to contact us here at The Podcast Butler.

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