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Podcasts are often a passion project, and the power of that passion is a big part of what helps you get through all the work required to get your podcast off the ground.

Because maintaining a podcast IS a lot of work, and as some of the more mundane tasks start to wear you down that initial passion can fade away. It can feel easy to skip one task, and then another, until suddenly you are late for episodes and not doing enough promo to keep listener numbers up.

Some will tell you “If the passion is gone, give it up”, which honestly is terrible advice.

If you haven’t been able to plan ahead properly or keep a good schedule it’s not surprising that your passion can fizzle out. Anything can go from being fun to being a chore if the fun parts become obscured by all the unplanned extra work.

But with these tricks you can ensure you don’t become overwhelmed and your passion project can continue to bubble away!

1. Have multiple episodes planned before launch

This is the big one.

When you launch a podcast all the extra social media work, editing, posting etc can be absolutely overwhelming. So do yourself a favour and make sure you don’t have to include the sourcing of guests, recording and editing  of your next few episodes to that work load.

If you have recorded the next 5 episodes in advance (depending on how frequently you release), then that first month or so will be considerably easier and you’ll be less likely to burn out.

2. Have promo work planned in advance

This is basically the same for point 1, but in regards to promo material.

Before launch, make sure to make any quote memes, audiogram videos, articles, web posts etc in advance and have them scheduled. If possible. You may not realise how much time making all this additional material will take up and if you are not prepared it can be overwhelming.

3. Organise set planning days

This may sound really obvious, but the episodes and promo materials will need to get made for future episodes, so schedule in a solid few hours every fortnight to run through it all. But make it fun.

I’m a big fan of taking the laptop, going to my favourite café and just having brunch and doing my podcast work. Make it different, and fun, compared to what you would normally do.

4. Make a best bits episode

Sometimes, despite all our best laid plans, we still get overwhelmed and too busy, so create a filler episode and have it sitting in your back pocket to use when you find yourself with no pre prepared episodes. A selection of the best bits from your show can give listeners a nice bit of nostalgia and if you finish it by asking listeners to tell you what their favourite bits have been you might provoke them into giving some great feedback on what you should be doing more of.

5. Outsource

Or, if you really think the passion is just in doing the show and the audience reaction that is totally fine and acceptable. Why not leave all the editing, graphics, website and guest searching to a podcast VA like the team at The Podcast Butler.

We can help keep things organised, give you extra ideas when you get content burn out and ensure you keep that passion for the thing you love!

To find out more, send us a message HERE

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