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So this is a podcast secret that many do not know about and I’m being cheeky for even sharing.

When you go to Apple Podcasts, one of the things you see when you land on the home page is the ‘New & Noteworthy’ Category.

This is a great feature that highlights a variety of podcasts and if you can get on it you stand to gain a a pretty decent bump in listenership.

Many thing that “N&N’ is like the Apple charts and is generated through a specific algorithm and that only the people of Apple know what the algorithm uses to make this list. That is dead wrong.

‘New & Noteworthy’ is curated by actual people. I know, I was shocked too!

If you can make contact with these people and properly express why your podcast is worthy of being featured, then you may just find yourself getting onto that category.

So how do you get in contact?

Well you could have someone make contact and put in a request on your behalf. Various podcast hosts, providers and editors can do that. We can even do that for you here at The Podcast Butler.

Or you could simply just fill in the submission form that can be found HERE.

If that link works, you should find yourself on a page that looks like this:

Now when filling this out be sure to be as convincing as hell. Good reasons for why you should be promoted can range from “We are a brand new show in an exciting unexplored niche” to “We have a 5 episode arc coming up that focuses on this specific theme”.

Obviously be more detailed than this, but the main thing is that this is New AND Noteworthy, so you can be an old or new show that gets featured.

Then what happens?

If they like your submission and you got a few details wrong, you may receive an email asking for extra details, so make sure you have all your contact info correct.

Otherwise, keep an eye on the ‘N&N’ category. It could take anywhere upwards from a month before you get featured because they have so many show to go through and the category is filled on a pre planned schedule, but at some point you may just see your show pop up there!

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