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If you do an interview podcast, chances are you know that the one, steady, constant struggle is finding a new guest for every episode.

Some people will bring back previous guests but that is just a temporary pause in the never ending search.

So if you are struggling and aren’t sure where to look, these are the best ways to find a guest for your podcast:


Friends and family

This tends to be the one people go to first and for good reason, friends and family may be the most willing to either be a guest on your show, or convince one of their own friends to be a guest on your show.

Some people can feel a bit uncomfortable doing this, but honestly the reality is most of your friends and family would leap at an opportunity to help you with your passion project, so reach out and ask for help!


The online services

In the past year a myriad of podcast/guest connection services have popped up online.

The big ones are:


Podchaser connect

Perfect Podcast Guest

These allow you to set up a profile and match with guests almost like you would on a dating site.

Most of these potential guests will expect you to plug their services in exchange, but that’s honestly fair enough for a free guest!


Podcast guest groups on facebook

Before the official connection services started, there were (and still are) many facebook groups dedicated to connecting podcasters and guests.

Just search podcast guest on facebook and join any of the groups. Once you’re in, post there with the appropriate hashtags and describe the guests you need.

As with the official sites, your guests may want you to spruik their business/services in exchange for guesting, and that’s alright!


Put it out there on your podcast

There is nothing wrong with asking your listeners if they want to be a guest. Chances are they are listening to your podcast because they relate in some way, so they may very well have the background, knowledge or experience you need in a really great guest.

I recommend mixing it up and voicing a little note at the beginning or end of your podcast, directing them to your social media or website so they can make contact.


Your own podcast online community

By now you should also have started your own online community for your podcast. If not, find out all the reason why you should HERE.

But this is a big reason, just like with putting the message out on your podcast, using your online community will convince your listeners and supporters to become guests.

And also once again, they will likely have the experience needed to be a good guest.

The reason this might be more effective than just saying it on your podcast is that for a listener, there is more effort involved in looking you up and sending a message than there is with just commenting on a post.


These are the most effective ways, but maybe you have some other ways that have worked? Let us know!

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